Exploring dualities of material and site Danica Maier’s work uses site-specific installations and events to explore ideas of expectations of site, traditional values, ‘women’s work’ and labour. Maier is interested in manipulating a locations expected function and pushing beyond the original intentions such as; home/gallery, village notice board/exhibition venue, model space/public artwork site, domestic /institutional space. Using the site as a starting point, materials and events (with a nod towards Penelopian labour) work towards a collapse; of historical time through nostalgia for a past that never existed; contradictions of usual everyday events; or subtle interventions in unexpected locations.

Maier’s work also follows the domestic object and drawing, which involves a particular interest in stitch, textiles, and the decorative. Using subtle slippages and moments of detail to transgress propriety.  The inquiry questions both the role of the object as well as the women’s role in relation to labour. Through the course of this enquiry the objects relationship to drawings has become more pronounced until the object has takes over and becomes the work. Using understated visual cues in text that appears to be stitched line, veiled details and suggestive objects; the viewer is required to spend time with the work to encounter these moments of hidden depth found within the materiality. Once seen these subtle transgressions can compel the viewer to think twice about the expected norm they see around them everyday.


Danica Maier